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  3. marvmerchants438

    New Website/Forums

    Thank you for discussion office.com/setup | office.com/setup
  4. Eatlag

    Another Update

    Apologies for the late reply, regarding server and oxide updates you might find it better to use discord, as rust can sometimes release random updates that essentially "break" the game until oxide/umod release their patch, I received an alert 2 minutes after rust released an update but unfortunately had to wait for oxide to release theirs, but the server has been updated hours ago, thanks for your report!
  5. Vanikat

    Another Update

    There is a rust update that the server needs in order to connect to it
  6. * Search Lights now do NOT require fuel, simply place a single low grade in and turn it on, it will stay on forever until you choose to manually switch it off *No Vehicle decay has been temporarily disabled due to way to many boats being spawned overtime which was causing very minor server fps drops (server side not client side) *No External Wall Decay, was causing stone structures to not decay, this has been modified so high external walls will not decay if their is a TC near them, you just don't have to upkeep them *Rust Rewards has been modified, you now receive bonus RP on kills depending on which weapon was used eg. Eoka pistol grants 1.5x, distance multiplier has been disabled due to the ability of camping oil rig in a boat and long range sniping scientists to get 20rp a kill * /skin has been updated to include more rugs, the locker, hatchet, pickaxe, fridge, and lr300 skins
  7. Eatlag

    Useful KeyBinds!

    Key Binds, simply put is a way to bind a certain command, or "function" to a key, the use of keybinds are primarily Quality Of Life Emprovements To Add/Change Keybinds just simply press the "F1" Key, You'll be presented with this screen... You can then PASTE any of the following lines in for the appropriate function bind b backpack.open - Simply put this will allow you to open your BACKPACK just by pressing "B" bind m attack;duck - named the "auto mining" automatically uses the attack action in conjunction with crouch - giving you more time to look around your surroundings more efficiently and ultimately allowing you to survive longer when farming, when the tree or node is depleted simply press "LMB" to stop it. bind q forward;sprint - Simply this is an auto running bind which concurrently presses w and shift without you pressing the buttons themselves thus giving you opportunity to concentrate on your surroundings or finishing off your lunch to stop auto running simply press "W" (default forward key).
  8. I've decided to start listing all the changed and additions to the rust server, because when a new player joins they don't really have much clue on what features we actually have, so from now on any changed and additions that are made will be followed by one of these posts *Added Quick Sort, Makes managing loot boxes much easier *Added furnace splitter, now stacks will automatically be split evenly *Vehicles, eg Boats, Minicopter, Balloons will no longer Decay no matter where they are, this allows players to store boats inside walled off compounds *Reduced gather rate of sulfur, due to it was way to easy to obtain massive stacks of explosives *Updated Event Randomiser to fix the hackable crate on the oil rig causing players to be kicked *High external walls, and gates now do not decay regardless of whether they're inside a TC radius or not, it's still advised to place empty TCs around the perimeter to prevent building straight over them *Tweaked the quick smelt as certain food and ores were processing at a slower rate then others *Adjusted decay rate to 80% instead of the standard 100% this will allow solo players to maintain a much bigger base *Implemted new way of gaining Reward Points, the old plugin only gave reward points for killing and smashing barrels, this new plugin gives points for basically everything *Adjusted VIP reward point cost in the shop to account for much higher reward point gaining potential due to new plugin *Updated PM plugin, now doesn't require Case Sensitive user name entering *Tweaked the stack size controller as their were a few incorrect entries that allowed stacking of items that don't/shouldn't be stackable eg. Roadsign gloves *Adjusted power output of the Large Battery and Solar Panels, to allow for much more electrical power capacity *Reduced wipe timer for the Electrical Kit to 3 days instead of 5, as this doesn't give much if any of an advantage over other players *Adjusted the Skip Night system to now require 60% of the players to vote instead of 80% as we were noticing a few AFK players making it difficult to skip the night *Patrol helicopter and the Chinook are now on a random variable timer to stop them spawning far too often when concecutive nights were skipped *Added more skins to the /skin feature *Adjusted the Loot despawn timer dependent on if the items are inside a TC radius or Not
  9. Hey hey guys!, Just a quick post to let you all know that you can now upload images and share them with your friends with an image hosting service hosted by us! Just press the button below to be redirected! CLICK ME!
  10. Kits are able to be redeemed by players in game by typing (/kit) Or if you've obtained a level of VIP you can also do (/vipkit) Below Is A List Of All The Available Kits And What's In Them Basic Builder Basic Bronze VIP Silver VIP Gold VIP Platinum VIP Electricity, Requires GOLD VIP+ To Redeem *note, What each kit contains is subject to change at anytime without prior notice, if and when the items in a kit are changed, this forum post will be updated to reflect the changes
  11. Cranford

    [NLG] SAMP Staff Roster

    [2/24/19] - Rossi has been hired as Senior Administrator and was appointed as Director of Faction Management [2/24/19] - Palawars has been hired as Junior Administrator
  12. Cranford

    Server Information

    Server Informations: SAMP IP Address: samp.nl-gaming.net Discord Link: https://discord.gg/KGA8JbY
  13. Cranford

    [NLG] SAMP Staff Roster

    Next Level Gaming Staff Roster Executive Administrator Marcus Jefferson - [Founding Member + Board Member + Server Manager] Head Administrator Adrianne - [Director of Human Resources] Reese Senior Administrator Morissette - [Director of Gang Management] Sayson - [Director of Faction Management] General Administrator Junior Administrator Palawars
  14. Eatlag

    Raid Block?!? What The?!?

    Raidblock is a feature that doesn't block raids or anything like that, it simply BLOCKS teleports and some other features, this is implemented to stop for example, someone running up to your base, blowing their way in and obtaining your tool cupboard, to then simply be able to /home base /home raidedbase to easily teleport the raid items backwards and forwards to their main base, If this was possible their would be no risk in raiding as you'd be able to just teleport back to your base safely once youve gotten what you wanted from the raid, Once the default 5 minute raid block timer has finished you will then be able to use teleport commands freely again
  15. TheSootman

    Raid Block?!? What The?!?

    AM I misinterpreting this Raid Block thing as I can't find any info about it at all.
  16. TheSootman

    Raid Block?!? What The?!?

    What the heck is Raid Block and the timer for? How do you get to block someone from raiding and why? I thought you could just raid other peoples bases (I certainly got smashed)? No matter what I do it keeps saying Raid Block and gives me a 5 minute counter.
  17. Soul_Stealer


    I am Wondering where the ips for the rust server might be or is
  18. TheSootman

    Server Resets?

    Thanks mate, will do.
  19. Eatlag

    Server Resets?

    Hey mate first of all welcome! As the server is relatively new currently it is monthly wipes due to the low pop, facepunch release updates on the first Thursday of every month which "force" wipes every single server, your able to do /wipe in the chat and it will tell you when the next wipe is, on what we call "wipe" day every server will be down for abit while the server and oxide update any more questions please feel free to PM me on here or on discord
  20. TheSootman

    Server Resets?

    When does the server reset, if it does at all? I will be playing this server regularly and am a noob to the game.
  21. TheSootman

    Rules or Requirements?

    Hi, saw your server in the browser list and was wondering if there are rules to the server etc and if there are many active players. Apologies if this is not the place to post this but couldn't really find any other threads.
  22. Below you will see the current ONLINE/OFFLINE Status of all the Server(s) hosted by us as well as the player counts if available and also the connection information! AUS|MONTHLY|MODDED
  23. All servers are now back ONLINE.
  24. Quick post, all the servers will be going offline as the Dedicated Server OS's are being updated to windows server 2019, this is starting the moment this is posted, The expected downtime is roughly 1-2 hours depending on how efficiently i get things going.... I will post a reply to this thread when everything is back online.
  25. Pasha


    There is a rust update that the server needs in order to connect to it
  26. Eatlag

    Server Rewards

    Currently the server utilises a Server Reward Plugin, You will notice this at the bottom left of your screen You will earn money Reward Points, for doing many things in the server, such as Chopping Trees, Mining Ore, Killing Players, Raiding Bases, Hunting animals and much more, the more RP you earn the better things you can purchase in the In-Game Shop!, To open the shop simply type /s and the below interface will show up Thats pretty much it!, once this interface has opened select what you'd like to buy and when you're finished simply press the CLOSE Button!
  27. Great news! The official Next Level Gaming discord server is now up and running!, An easy discord invite button has been added to the websites main page as well for convenience, so what are you waiting for?! Click that bad boy today and we'll see you on discord!
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