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  1. Cranford

    [NLG] SAMP Staff Roster

    [2/24/19] - Rossi has been hired as Senior Administrator and was appointed as Director of Faction Management [2/24/19] - Palawars has been hired as Junior Administrator
  2. Cranford

    Server Information

    Server Informations: SAMP IP Address: samp.nl-gaming.net Discord Link: https://discord.gg/KGA8JbY
  3. Cranford

    [NLG] SAMP Staff Roster

    Next Level Gaming Staff Roster Executive Administrator Marcus Jefferson - [Founding Member + Board Member + Server Manager] Head Administrator Adrianne - [Director of Human Resources] Reese Senior Administrator Morissette - [Director of Gang Management] Sayson - [Director of Faction Management] General Administrator Junior Administrator Palawars