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  1. TheSootman

    Raid Block?!? What The?!?

    AM I misinterpreting this Raid Block thing as I can't find any info about it at all.
  2. TheSootman

    Raid Block?!? What The?!?

    What the heck is Raid Block and the timer for? How do you get to block someone from raiding and why? I thought you could just raid other peoples bases (I certainly got smashed)? No matter what I do it keeps saying Raid Block and gives me a 5 minute counter.
  3. TheSootman

    Server Resets?

    Thanks mate, will do.
  4. TheSootman

    Server Resets?

    When does the server reset, if it does at all? I will be playing this server regularly and am a noob to the game.
  5. TheSootman

    Rules or Requirements?

    Hi, saw your server in the browser list and was wondering if there are rules to the server etc and if there are many active players. Apologies if this is not the place to post this but couldn't really find any other threads.