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Raid Block?!? What The?!?

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What the heck is Raid Block and the timer for?

How do you get to block someone from raiding and why?

I thought you could just raid other peoples bases (I certainly got smashed)?

No matter what I do it keeps saying Raid Block and gives me a 5 minute counter.

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AM I misinterpreting this Raid Block thing as I can't find any info about it at all.

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Raidblock is a feature that doesn't block raids or anything like that, it simply BLOCKS teleports and some other features, this is implemented to stop for example, someone running up to your base, blowing their way in and obtaining your tool cupboard, to then simply be able to /home base /home raidedbase to easily teleport the raid items backwards and forwards to their main base, If this was possible their would be no risk in raiding as you'd be able to just teleport back to your base safely once youve gotten what you wanted from the raid, Once the default 5 minute raid block timer has finished you will then be able to use teleport commands freely again

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