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Development Update 11/3/19

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I've decided to start listing all the changed and additions to the rust server, because when a new player joins they don't really have much clue on what features we actually have, so from now on any changed and additions that are made will be followed by one of these posts


*Added Quick Sort, Makes managing loot boxes much easier

*Added furnace splitter, now stacks will automatically be split evenly

*Vehicles, eg Boats, Minicopter, Balloons will no longer Decay no matter where they are, this allows players to store boats inside walled off compounds

*Reduced gather rate of sulfur, due to it was way to easy to obtain massive stacks of explosives

*Updated Event Randomiser to fix the hackable crate on the oil rig causing players to be kicked

*High external walls, and gates now do not decay regardless of whether they're inside a TC radius or not, it's still advised to place empty TCs around the perimeter to prevent building straight over them

*Tweaked the quick smelt as certain food and ores were processing at a slower rate then others

*Adjusted decay rate to 80% instead of the standard 100% this will allow solo players to maintain a much bigger base

*Implemted new way of gaining Reward Points, the old plugin only gave reward points for killing and smashing barrels, this new plugin gives points for basically everything 

*Adjusted VIP reward point cost in the shop to account for much higher reward point gaining potential due to new plugin

*Updated PM plugin, now doesn't require Case Sensitive user name entering

*Tweaked the stack size controller as their were a few incorrect entries that allowed stacking of items that don't/shouldn't be stackable eg. Roadsign gloves

*Adjusted power output of the Large Battery and Solar Panels, to allow for much more electrical power capacity

*Reduced wipe timer for the Electrical Kit to 3 days instead of 5, as this doesn't give much if any of an advantage over other players

*Adjusted the Skip Night system to now require 60% of the players to vote instead of 80% as we were noticing a few AFK players making it difficult to skip the night 

*Patrol helicopter and the Chinook are now on a random variable timer to stop them spawning far too often when concecutive nights were skipped

*Added more skins to the /skin feature

*Adjusted the Loot despawn timer dependent on if the items are inside a TC radius or Not 

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