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Useful KeyBinds!

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Key Binds, simply put is a way to bind a certain command, or "function" to a key, the use of keybinds are primarily Quality Of Life Emprovements


To Add/Change Keybinds just simply press the "F1" Key, You'll be presented with this screen...




You can then PASTE any of the following lines in for the appropriate function


bind b backpack.open - Simply put this will allow you to open your BACKPACK just by pressing "B"

bind m attack;duck - named the "auto mining" automatically uses the attack action in conjunction with crouch - giving you more time to look around your surroundings more efficiently and ultimately allowing you to survive longer when farming, when the tree or node is depleted simply press "LMB" to stop it.

bind q forward;sprint - Simply this is an auto running bind which concurrently presses w and shift without you pressing the buttons themselves thus giving you opportunity to concentrate on your surroundings or finishing off your lunch to stop auto running simply press "W" (default forward key).


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