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Development Update 16/3/19

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* Search Lights now do NOT require fuel, simply place a single low grade in and turn it on, it will stay on forever until you choose to manually switch it off 

*No Vehicle decay has been temporarily disabled due to way to many boats being spawned overtime which was causing very minor server fps drops (server side not client side) 


*No External Wall Decay, was causing stone structures to not decay, this has been modified so high external walls will not decay if their is a TC near them, you just don't have to upkeep them 


*Rust Rewards has been modified, you now receive bonus RP on kills depending on which weapon was used eg. Eoka pistol grants 1.5x, distance multiplier has been disabled due to the ability of camping oil rig in a boat and long range sniping scientists to get 20rp a kill


* /skin has been updated to include more rugs, the locker, hatchet, pickaxe, fridge, and lr300 skins

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